Monday, July 13, 2009

Czech Bead Extravaganza!

The second half of my Czech bead order arrived this afternoon. It feels like Christmas. Here are some photos of different things right out of the box. I started to organize them on the light table when I saw that the light from the back window was illuminating them beautifully. They still need to be dusted, inspected, tied up and tagged. They will all be ready when Anita's Beads opens again on Thursday!

I was attracted to large beads in matte finish that made me think of sea glass.

Here's one of my favorite new shapes--22x8mm rice (above).

I absolutely love this matte tigereye (above) with yellow topaz and jonquil.

This lovely angular rondelle is available in 8 matte colors.

This pink coral color really makes me feel happy.

I tried to get a nice range of cool colors.

This olivine rondelle has the look of an artifact.

On the smaller side, here's a luscious 8mm melon with a metallic flower cap to set it off. There are lots more to see so plan a visit to Anita's Beads soon for the best selection. I will put up more photos after everything is tagged.