Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monarch Rock Talk

I took a nice ride down the back roads to Rochester, New Hampshire this morning (thanks for the lift, Trudy!) to the Monarch School of New England where I gave a table talk on rocks. It was hands-on for everyone. You can see what I brought in the photo above. I took basically as much as I could carry for a short distance!

Topics included New England granite pegmatites and the gem minerals that can be found there, fossils, meteorites and tektites, the quartz family, and how I got started collecting minerals. I even had my first fossil specimen collected(from Maine) and my first mineral specimen (pyrite, also from Maine) to hand around.

The teachers enjoyed the rocks as much as the students and presented me with a gift certificate for flowers at 4J's Earthworks on Old Wakefield Road near the Rochester-Milton town line. So on the way home I picked out these lovely flowers for my mailbox planter.