Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Wood Beads

Palmwood saucers and Old Palmwood round beads set off a Coco Leaf inlay pendant.

Cool White wood wheels, Black wood fluted ovals, White wood 10mm rounds, and Tiger Ebony wheels (above).

White wood tapered triangles come in 8-inch bracelet lengths.

All wood bracelet lengths, shown above in Bayong and Black Ebony, are double drilled.

Flat wood shapes (above) include rounded rectangles of Bayong, Nangka ovals, and puffy Bayong coins.

Vine wood in 20-inch loops of tiny tubes, and 16-inch strands of cross-drilled sticks (above).

I love the look of wood for summer. It blends well with other natural beads like shell, bone and horn, making a bold statement without a lot of weight.