Friday, May 22, 2009

New Shell Beads for Summer

Red Lip Shell curls (above)

Voluta shell curls (above).

Popcorn or Everlasting shell curls (top) and Pink Conus shell beads (above).

Carved shell fetish beads: birds, small fish, large fish, and seahorses (above).

Clam shell heishi (top) and polished Troka shell beads (above).

Kebe shell strands in flat dimes and heart shapes (above).

Choco Orchard regular (top) and twisted (above).

Inlay focal beads of green lip (top) and gold lip shells measure 18mm (above).

Olive Shell curls(top) and whole shell beads (above).

Just in time for your warm weather designs are these lovely shell beads. Stop in soon as supply is limited.